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The Seamstress
by Frances De Pontes Peebles

Book Review by - Andrea
After reading the jacket cover of THE SEAMSTRESS, I was very excited to learn about Brazil and its history. This book of historical fiction covers a time in the country where bandits, landowners and politicians were in constant conflict. Betrayal and violence were commonplace among friends and enemies. The choices were limited for many, making life hard. I found all this information to be informative and interesting. As a debut novel with over 600 pages, Peebles takes the reader on a journey through this rough and tumble countryside with two sisters navigating two completely different paths. The story provides the reader with many adventures, family drama, love. But at its core it was about two sisters and their loyalty for each other. Although I enjoyed this book, at times, I felt disconnected to the characters and the story. Just when the story was on a roll the author would go into the back story, loosing momentum. I believe many would enjoy this beautifully written historical novel; it was just a bit too wordy for my taste.Back.

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