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A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian
by Marina Lewycka

Book Review by - linda
(3.5 stars) This novel is full of quirky people and lively witty dialog. On one level itís a fun engaging read, as you loose yourself in the adventures of an 84 year old man lusting after a much younger 36 year old blond bombshell of a woman. I was pulled in almost immediately and I think this was largely because of the spot on description of this younger women. The authorís portrayal of this woman as a ďtartĒ is done with such spice, you just have to smile and keep reading. Itís through this type of comic writing that the author leads you though the workings and family drama of this fictional family. I have to admit that even though the main male character is 84, his traits are universal to all men and although presented in a humorous manner are quite realistic. On a deeper more pragmatic level the book deals with a lot of lifeís frustrations. The author is very genuine in her portrayal of the difficulties of being an immigrant and the reality of caring for an elderly parent. This is a great change of pace book and a smart read but a few things did bother me. The plot is a little cliche, very predictable and at times seems to hover without enough change in pace or tone.Back.

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