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Beneath A Marble Sky
by John Shors

Book Review by - linda
This is an epic book about love, friendship, loyalty and betrayal. It is exotic. The writing style of John Shors is prosaic without being so weighted down as to stagnate and bore. The historical fiction aspect of this book makes for a compelling read, although historical fiction purists beware, itís not totally accurate. The book has plenty of drama, intrigue and plot twists. There is also some romance, but if you are not the romance type, donít worry its sophisticated and subtle, not overly descriptive. Shors gives you a true feeling for the power struggles and cultural clashes of 17th century Hindustan and his detailed descriptions of the Taj Mahal and the reigning Empire leaves the reader wanting to know more about this era. On the flip side most of the characters are lacking in complexity tending towards being either all good or all bad, which can be irritating and predictable. I also would have enjoyed more detail of everyday life during this period and felt the book dragged in some spots. In summary, a fascinating read about Eastern History, I look forward to more of his books.Back.

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