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The Lace Reader
by Brunonia Barry

Book Review by - linda
I love a flawed character and this book has several which are real and believable. At the beginning of each chapter the author provided very interesting excerpts form The Lace Readers Guide, which I found to be a nice touch and change of pace. This book however fell slightly short of my expectations. Perhaps I set the bar too high, the setting is Salem Massachusetts, home to witch hunts and the jacket covers hints at supernatural elements; I was expecting suspense and passion, interlaced with great historical details, maybe even spellbinding as quoted on the front jacket cover, I couldn’t wait to read it. Unfortunately, there was very little movement in the plot and the first half of the book was abundantly laced with what I can only describe as rambling dialog leading nowhere, for me it was a struggle to keep reading. I also thought it lacked suspense. I should note that the book does deal with some timely emotional topics; perhaps the basis for all the rave reviews. I can’t recommend this particular book, but if the topic of the Salem witch trials appeals to you I can recommend “The Heretic’s Daughter”, great multi dimensional characters that leave their footprint with you and a well paced plot.Back.

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