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The White Queen
by Philippa Gregory

Book Review by - linda
I was so intrigued by “The Other Boleyn Girl”, my first exposure to this author, that I devoured everything I could find by Philippa Gregory. I loved them all except for “The Other Queen”, her last book so I was truly hoping this one did not disappoint. Well all I can say is it’s a great read with multi faceted characters, an intriguing plot and fascinating details of a turbulent dangerous time in English history. From my perspective, that of a “non historian”, it appears Gregory has done quite a bit of research. Her notes at the end of the book do state however that there is more fiction in this novel than her previous ones but it is because the records are lacking for this period. As with her previous stories, there is plenty of betrayal, adultery and deceit. There’s also a fair share of manipulation, scheming and plotting for the Throne and arranged marriages for securing positions of power. An interesting twist is the sub plot on the mystical powers of Elizabeth and her mother; in effect adding another dimension to two strong women playing a dangerous game in a world controlled by men. I also enjoyed the relationship Elizabeth had with her mother her children and her King. If you like Philippa Gregory, historical fiction or just well written absorbing books, you’ll love this fabulous start to a new series.Back.

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