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True Colors
by Kristen Hannah

Book Review by - linda
This book evolves into an intensely emotional story with wonderfully flawed characters, which I happen to love; it adds a bit of reality to things. Hannah also has great descriptions of life on a ranch and she nicely portrays the dynamics of sibling rivalry, evoking some strong emotions. On the flip side, the first third of the book reads a little too much like a romance novel, very popular with some crowds, just not the type of book I am drawn to. I originally chose this book because I never read “Firefly Lane” (or Kristin Hannah) and wanted to see what all the buzz was surrounding this author. About one third through the book, the plot shifts and the storyline takes on a whole new tone, gone is the romance and in its place is some heartfelt, intriguing reading. The story becomes emotional and you start to care about the character as they develop distinct believable voices. In summary, the book is very predictable and the characters are slightly one dimensional, a nice read but probably geared toward the romance reader.Back.

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