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The Housekeeper and the Professor
by Yoko Ogawa

Book Review by - linda
This is an elegant, calm read that will most likely never appear on any bestseller lists. There is no emotional roller coaster or highs and lows, only excellent poetic writing and a simple, elegant story with real characters. Itís about living in the moment and the meaning of family and true friendship. It does deal with some complex issues, but the tone is quiet and subdued never hurried. I think the concept of a personís memory only lasting eighty minutes is unique and beautifully portrays the meaning of unconditional love. The professorís limited means of communication is through numbers, so the book has some mathematical descriptions. Donít let this deter you from reading the book if you hate math; itís a common ground for bonding, not about learning or comprehending math. I recommend this book to those who love character driven books replete with compassion that leave you pondering life and your good fortune.Back.

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