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The Castaways
by Elin Hilderbrand

Book Review by - linda
This book is a delightful engaging read with more depth of character and plot than its cover suggests. Elin Hilderbrand does an amazing job of depicting married life. She shows you the beauty of a warm intimate family and how it feels to support and be supported by someone you love. She also lets you experience the angst of being betrayed by someone you trust and care about. She reveals the pain of loosing your best friend and the hole created by the death of a person intricately interwoven into another’s life. I love the way Elin Hilderbrand explores Adult relationships, they are complicated and complex and she beautifully portrays them on many levels; it is one of the strong points of the book. Her vivid writing makes the characters come alive; each is distinct with a unique voice and original believable personality. As the story unfolds there is also a hint of mystery, the author plants these subtle little seeds of suspicion causing you to wonder if the tragedy was in fact really an accident. In short if you are in the mood for an intriguing easy read this book fits the bill.Back.

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