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The Best Day of Someone Elses Life
by Kerry Reichs

Book Review by - Andrea
I didnít want this book to end. It was such an enjoyable read transporting me back to my twenties as a brideís maid. All the fun of planning and being a part of the wedding along with all the angst and humor made for a great story. Bad dresses, speeches, showers and of course the parents of the bride make for an inventive, witty, sometimes laugh out loud, touching book. Reichís captures what it is like to be at the beginning of adulthood trying to make your mark on the world. As the protagonist Vi fumbles her way through wedding after wedding, you get the pleasure of following her on a journey you will find somewhat familiar with a cast of entertaining characters. Although I felt this book a little long for what I would consider Chick Lit, it was a terrific read. Somewhere it the middle it slowed a bit but quickly turned and takes you to the end where you will be sad itís over. This book was Reichís debut novel; I look forward to more from this author.Back.

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