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Sworn To Silence
by Linda Castillo

Book Review by - linda
This is the first book I have read by this author. After a bit of a slow start the story takes off; itís fast paced and suspenseful. The Amish twist adds a lot to the story line enabling the reader to see how a different culture reacts to the gruesome murders. I hope the sequel delves more deeply into the Amish aspect; itís fascinating and unique. I have to admit a few of her characters were stereotypical, but the protagonist Kate and the main storyline characters are well developed and interesting. The book is also nicely paced and holds your attention. If you are drawn to mysteries with good police procedures, this one will not disappoint. I am not a fan of romance novels (which is where Linda Castillo has her roots) so I did not really appreciate mudding up the story by introducing a romantic interest; fortunately it was low key and not big part of at least this first book of the series. The last several chapters of the book when Castillo is pulling everything together are extremely engaging and hard to put down. In conclusion a good read, I loved the protagonist Kate and look forward to meeting her again in the future. A note to the squeamish, this book contains graphic details of violence.Back.

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