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Best Friends Forever
by Jennifer Weiner

Book Review by - Andrea
Grab this book and take it to the beach or on vacation, and then pass it to a friend. You’ll have fun rehashing your childhood or discussing the struggles of high school life as you dive into this book. Don’t be surprised if you recognize many familiar characters from high school. I found it very entertaining to examine them as an adult. In this light-hearted but tender book, Weiner draws you into the world of Addie and Valerie where the adventure begins. Two friends reuniting and facing their demons; Weiner is spot on with this story of friendship and self-discovery. You will enjoy the ride as you follow this caper from childhood into adulthood. A humorous, sad and sometimes poignant look at life and how it unfolds, Weiner does not disappoint. Although I would classify this book as Chick lit, it had more substance and depth than most. As usual, I love Weiner’s writing style and her spin on life. A great read.Back.

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