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The God of Animals
by Aryn Kyle

Book Review by - linda
This coming of age story is told from the viewpoint of 12 year old Alice as she struggles to understand and deal with her dysfunctional family and the choices they make. The strength of this novel and what makes it so captivating is in the character development, they are flawed, but very real; Kyle seamlessly draws you into their lives. Although Alice’s journey includes dealing with some of the typical 12 year old things, like feeling awkward at a party or wanting to be accepted and loved, plenty of adult issues arise as she is pulled out of her adolesent world and forced to evaluate and react to adult truths. Her voice is strong, her perceptions of life astute and thought provoking as she wrestles with her internal conflicts when the reality of life and adult challenges slowly dawns on her. The beautiful writing style of Kyle allows you to establish friendships with these people, you find yourself caring about them as you would a friend; when the book comes to an end you find yourself thinking about them. I also loved learning about horses. The story takes place on a horse farm with lots of wonderful interesting details of horse shows, training and riding. Overall a charming engaging read.Back.

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