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I Capture the Castle
by Dodie Smith

Book Review by - linda
A charming coming of age story with equally charming, eccentric characters and wonderful descriptions of the English countryside and the day to day life in pre WWII England. Dodie Smith perfectly contrasts English mannerisms and etiquette with the American way of doing things, hits the mark even all these years later. She also beautifully portrays the bevy of emotions a teenager goes through when falling in love for the first time. The book is written in diary form, which allows for deeper insight into the musings of Cassandra, the lead character; the effect is to make her very real and believable. In fact all the characters are very believable; with exceptionally varied roles for the women. It’s interesting that the unique diary form of the book while effective in adding realism and depth to the plot and characters also tends to make things a bit tedious as Cassandra records her daily happenings and thoughts, some of which are rather insignificant. It was a nice read but seems more appropriate for school “required” reading.Back.

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