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Firefly lane
by Kristen Hannah

Book Review by - linda
This is a touching story of two women and a friendship that spans decades. I liked that the author did not make everything perfect between them; instead she allowed their closeness to follow a more realistic path with the tension and conflict that would naturally occur in a friendship of this length. As I read, it quickly became clear that Hannah had a firm grip on the dynamics of female relationships and the human psyche. Her descriptions of feelings and reactions to certain situations mirrored that of what I would consider real. She also infused the story with the pop culture of the seventies and eighties describing the hairstyles, fashion, popular songs and the current trend in food and drinks; itís fun to read and will definitely stir up memories for those who grew up in this period. If you are lucky enough to have a life long friend you will cherish this person all the more after reading this book; if you donít you will vow to have one in your next life. If there is a downside to this book, itís that the beginning is strong and pulls you in and the ending is emotionally griping, however for several chapters in the middle the story seems to drag a bit. In short, a fantastic light read about friendships, motherhood and marriage that will pull at your heartstrings. I should add that at times this book is deeply moving, a real tearjerker.Back.

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