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Sarahs Key
by Tatiana de Rosnay

Book Review by - Andrea
In 1942 the French Police rounded up their own Jewish citizens for the Naziís to be placed in the a French arena named the Velodrome d Hiver and then transported to the death camps. When twelve year old Sarah receives a knock on the door by the police, she locks her little brother in a secret cupboard and promises to come back as soon as itís safe. What follows is a captivating story of Sarah and her quest to save her brother. Based on an actual event, this is a haunting story of a very sad time in Frances history and one which little is known. Told though the perspective of Sarah a young girl and Julia a American citizen writing for a paper in France, the story is filled with family, love, betrayal, courage and human strength. You wonít want to put this book down. De Rosnay does an excellent job of bringing this sad and horrific event to the reader in great detail prompting many emotions. Itís an excellent choice for book clubs which is sure to promote lots of discussions. I look forward to her next book which is due to be released September of two thousand ten.Back.

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