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Water for Elephants
by Sara Gruen

Book Review by - linda
This is a very good book. It may be slightly over hyped, but it certainly deserves of most of the praise itís receiving. Water for Elephants is a moving tale about circus life during the depression era with quirky characters and complex emotions underlying the characterís actions. Itís uniquely told from the perspective of one character at two different stages of his life; Jacob at 20 and again when he was 93 and living in a nursing home. The story moves seamlessly between these two timelines and although I was more intrigued by the introspective old Jacob, the complexity and volatility of young Jacob also captured my attention, just on a different more concrete level. The book touches on whatís important at different phases of life. The story is sweet, tragic and entertaining and the emotions that surface range from sad and lonely to happy and in love. In short, the story is haunting and brings to light the strong bond that develops between man and animal and shows the true meaning of friendship. An excellent selection for those who enjoy a good character driven story.Back.

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