Take My Hand

by Dolen Perkins-Valdez
This story moves you on many different levels. It will make you angry and sad but also enlighten and shock you. It's about the shameful actions of the U.S. government concerning the reproductive rights of mostly black and poor women- forcing sterilization on them. Take My Hand by Dolen Perkins-Valdez. #historical fiction, #womens fiction, #reading, #books to read, #books

Book Review

(by- Linda )

I learned a lot from this book. I know racial injustices exist, and the Government oversteps boundaries, mostly with minority groups, especially Blacks. But each time I learn of yet another instance of governmental trampling of someone's rights, I am horrified and wonder how something like this can happen.

"Take My Hand" is an important story. And unfortunately, it echoes inequalities and social injustices of low-income and uneducated communities today.

A young black nurse tells the story of her experience with two young girls from a poor community. Under the guise of providing birth control, the Government steps in and permanently sterilizes these girls without the knowledge or permission of their guardians. Forced sterilization is unacceptable, and it's shameful that it ever happened. This story is about two girls who were among the many thousands. Highly recommend.

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