The Girl from Guernica

by Karen Robards
This stand-out book focuses on the German attack on Guernica in 1937. It's an emotional and suspenseful book.   Inspired by the painting and the actual life events of April 1937 when Guernica was bombed. Recommend.The Girl from Guernica by Karen Robards #theGirlFromGuernica #karenrobards #harpercollins #historicalfiction #fiction, #reading, #BooksToRead, #bookclub, #bestbooks

Book Review

(by- Linda )

If you enjoy historical fiction, I highly recommend this book. But be warned, this book is hard to put down. First, the Germans' devasted the town of Guernica, their fighter planes chasing innocent civilians through the streets, gunning them down. Then, afterward, they bombed and annihilated what was left. The descriptions are vivid and detailed, but this little glimpse of history is fascinating. I also loved that the inspiration for this story was Picasso's painting Guernica and actual life events; this is my favorite kind of historical fiction.

The story follows Sibi, a young girl who survived the bombing. She is brave, strong, and well-developed, and her character easily carries the story. But there are many well-developed characters, and they all tug at your emotions, some not in a good way. The book is also well-paced and captivating, so it easily holds you hostage well into the night. Well-written and researched, informative, and an excellent book club.

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