Before the Fall
by Noah Hawley
PBR Review: (by- Linda )

I don't watch TV often, so I had not heard of or watched Fargo, the wildly popular TV show created by Noah Hawley. But, after reading this book, I may have to do a marathon Fargo sit-in. The book opens with a group of passengers boarding a small charter plane in Martha's Vineyard. They are relaxed, chatting and ordering drinks as they settle in for their flight back to the city, unaware that catastrophe is about to strike.

Sixteen minutes after takeoff, the plane crashes into the ocean. Only two survive; Scott, a starving artist, and the four-year-old son of the wealthy TV executive that charted the plane. Figuring out why and how the plane crashed creates a lot of intrigue. Then, the media jumps in, sensationalizing everything, planting suppositions, and making unfounded assumptions about all concerned. Suspense builds as the reader learns the backstory of each of the passengers and if they could have something to do with the plane crash. Tense and a real page-turner.

Best Historical Fiction Book
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